Ryan Glatt is a personal trainer and health coach with over a decade of experience and a particular focus in neuroscience, currently practicing both Brain Health Coaching and brain-based fitness at the Pacific Brain Health Center in Santa Monica, California.

Currently in a Master’s of Applied Neuroscience program at King’s College of London, Ryan enjoys constantly learning about neuroscience and applying practical, brain-informed strategies to both health coaching and personal training.

Ryan has pursued education from the Amen Clinics, The BrainFirst Training Institute, the Neuroscience Academy, and more. He has worked with a wide variety of populations with various neurological considerations, including those with MCI, dementia, TBI, ASD, Parkinson’s, and MS.


Psychometrist and Brain Health Coach

Pacific Neuroscience Institute (PNI)

Administer neuropsychological and cognitive assessments. Create and implement exercise and health programs for brain health and cognitive enhancement.

Director of Programming

SMARTfit Inc.

Creation, research, and implementation of perceptual-cognitive-motor programming for fitness, sports, active aging, clinical, and youth populations. 

Director of Health & Wellness

Peak Brain Institute

Directing Brain – Health Coaching programs, strategies, partnerships, and platforms for integratingcognitive-specific exercise, neurofeedback, mindfulness & other brain-based interventions forachieving cognitive goals.


BSc of Exercise Science

MS of Applied Neuroscience

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